TORONTO, CANADA – Ivanhoe Mines (TSX: IVN; OTCQX: IVPAF) announced today the       publication of its fifth annual Sustainability Report.

The report highlights Ivanhoe Mines’ sustainability programs and initiatives in 2021, including significant accomplishments achieved at its three mine development projects, and outlines goals and benchmarks for current and future corporate activities.

Ivanhoe Mines is committed to producing the world's “greenest  copper” at its world-scale Kamoa-Kakula Copper Joint Venture in the Democratic Republic of Congo. On April 7, 2022, Kamoa Copper declared early commercial production for Kamoa-Kakula's Phase 2 concentrator expansion. Kamoa Copper now is expected to be the world's fourth-largest copper mining complex by the third quarter of 2023, with annualized copper output expected to exceed 450,000 tonnes.

Thereafter, Kamoa-Kakula’s Phase 3 expansion is expected to enter production by the end of 2024, which will position Kamoa Copper as the industry’s third-largest, vertically integrated copper complex, including a 500,000-tonne-per-annum, direct-to-blister flash smelter, powered by green hydropower, to produce approximately 99% copper metal. Further details on our Phase 3 expansion will be released to financial markets tomorrow, May 3, 2022.


We strongly encourage all of our investors to carefully scrutinize the outstanding sustainability initiatives undertaken by our company by viewing our 2021 Sustainability Report at: 

Watch a video highlighting sustainability achievements at our three mine development projects: 

“Ivanhoe Mines is driven to become the next major, diversified multinational mining company – an industry leader in environmental, social and corporate governance that generates outstanding returns for our shareholders and stakeholders," said Executive Co-Chairman Robert Friedland. "We are proud of our team's accomplishments this past year, and the strong relationships they have continued to build with our local communities and stakeholders. Ivanhoe is committed to 're-inventing mining', and at the centre of that concept are our people, and our relationships with the communities where we operate. The entire enterprise of addressing global warming and climate change rests on a massive, unprecedented, and responsibly produced supply of copper metal. Ivanhoe Mines is deeply committed to identifying and mining the metals critical for worldwide electrification in both an environmentally and socially conscious way.”

In her introduction to the report, President Marna Cloete acknowledged the dedication, efforts and teamwork of our diverse workforce: “We value our role as a cosmopolitan, global corporate citizen in the international market and continually strive towards a social compact between government, labour, business and communities underpinned by stakeholder capitalism. As an organization that seeks to remain resilient and retain our competitive advantage, we have the appetite to continue to strategically integrate these drivers that are shaping the future of mining into our organization, especially as stakeholders increasingly insist that environmental, social and corporate governance, and climate change considerations, feature in a company’s value creation story.”

Patricia Makhesha, Executive Vice President, Sustainability and Special Projects, added: “At Ivanhoe we are all one big family, committed to each other and to the organizational mandate, which is rooted in a deep commitment to our agenda for sustainable development. Our culture is one of caring for others, and therefore of operating with the best interests of our key stakeholders in mind. Our culture is one of 'ubuntu'. The Southern African concept of 'ubuntu' – 'I am because you are' – encapsulates the quintessence of humanity’s oneness. An appreciation for this concept compels us to contemplate how everything we do has an impact on others and on society and to further reflect on whether true self-actualization can be attained through sharing ourselves with others, and caring for those around us.”

Pictures showcasing several of the company’s 2021 sustainability initiatives are      shown below.

Anita Ngxumza (left) and Mamy Mujinga, members of Kamoa Copper’s Emergency Response team.


John Rapulana testing the simulator during a visit from Gécamines Kamoa-Kakula’s has established a state-of-the-art training centre. As part of the project’s extensive training program, apprentice miners learn through hands-on experience, and automated mining equipment on computerized simulators.


Participants at the Kipushi-sponsored sewing training centre.


Kajimana Muluba and Kazadi Mujinga, brickmakers at the Tujenge community brick-making cooperative at Kamoa-Kakula, an example of providing opportunities to local communities to participate in the mine supply chain.


Ngoy Wanruluernest, a local farmer beneficiary of the Kamoa-Kakula Sustainable Livelihoods Program, harvesting brussels sprouts, Kamisange community.


Farm workers at the Mumba Farm near the Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex. Livelihood projects are the cornerstoneof providing true value, security and prosperity for communities within our mining footprint.


Nathalie Kikaba, Senior Economic Development Manager, Kipushi Project, with local community members collecting water at the Kaponda solar-powered water well.

Placide Mukumbi Kaulo and Jacquie Banza Wa Ilunga, students at the Mwinkeu primary school in Kaponda Village; another Kamoa Livelihoods Program community initiative.


Young girls collecting water at a well installed by the Kipushi project.


Kona Mumongo Grace, a local farmer at the Kaponda Village, receiving mandarin orange saplings, which are among many high-value crops grown at Kamoa.


About Ivanhoe Mines

Ivanhoe Mines is a Canadian mining company focused on advancing its three principal projects in Southern Africa: the development of major new, mechanized, underground mines at the Kamoa-Kakula copper discoveries in the Democratic Republic of Congo and at the Platreef palladium-rhodium-platinum-nickel-copper-gold discovery in South Africa; and the extensive redevelopment and upgrading of the historic Kipushi zinc-copper-germanium-silver mine, also in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kamoa-Kakula is the world’s fastest growing major copper mine. Kamoa-Kakula began producing copper concentrates in May 2021 and, through phased expansions, is positioned to become one of the world's largest copper producers. Kamoa-Kakula is being powered by clean, renewable hydro-generated electricity and is projected to be among the world’s lowest greenhouse gas emitters per unit of metal produced. Ivanhoe Mines has pledged to achieve net-zero operational greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 and 2) at the Kamoa-Kakula Copper Mine. Ivanhoe also is exploring for new copper discoveries on its Western Foreland exploration licences in the Democratic Republic of Congo, near the Kamoa-Kakula Mining Complex.

Information contacts

Matthew Keevil +1.604.558.1034

加拿大温哥华 — 艾芬豪矿业 (TSX: IVN; OTCQX: IVPAF) 今天发布第五份年度可持续发展报告。

报告重点阐述了艾芬豪矿业于 2021 年实施的可持续发展规划和举措,包括公司三大矿产项目取得的重大成就,同时概述了当前和未来企业经营的目标和基准。

艾芬豪矿业位于刚果民主共和国的卡莫阿-卡库拉 (Kamoa-Kakula) 顶级项目致力于生产全球“最环保的铜”。2022年4月7日,卡莫阿铜业宣布卡莫阿-卡库拉II期选厂提前实现商业化生产,预计到2023年第三季度,卡莫阿铜业将成为全球第四大铜矿,将年产超过45万吨铜。

预计卡莫阿-卡库拉III期扩建将于2024年底实现投产,届时卡莫阿铜业将成为矿业界的第三大纵向一体化铜矿山。 III期扩建将包括一座设计产能为50万吨/年的直接粗铜闪速冶炼厂,使用清洁水电生产含铜99%粗铜。

我们鼓励所有投资者通过 《2021年艾芬豪矿业可持续发展报告》了解公司杰出的可持续发展举措,详情参见:


“艾芬豪矿业致力于成为全球下一家多元化的大型矿业公司,在环境、社会和治理 (以下简称“ESG”) 工作方面引领行业砥砺前行,为我们的股东和利益相关方带来丰厚的回报。”执行联席董事长罗伯特·弗里兰德 (Robert Friedland) 说道,“对于团队去年取得的斐然成就以及与当地社区和利益相关方一直保持的紧密关系,我们深感自豪。艾芬豪致力于‘重塑采矿业未来’,这个理念的核心是我们的员工,以及我们与运营社区建立的关系。人类应对全球升温和气候变化这项重要任务,取决于前所未有的大规模、负责任地生产的铜金属的供应。艾芬豪矿业坚定致力于以重环保和社会责任的方式寻找和开采对全球电气化至关重要的金属。”

总裁玛娜·科洛特 (Marna Cloete) 在介绍报告时赞扬来自世界各地的团队成员齐心协力做出的重大贡献﹕“我们十分重视公司作为国际化、全球企业公民所发挥的作用,以利益相关方资本为基础,不断努力在政府、劳工、企业和社区之间缔结社会契约。艾芬豪力求保持强韧和竞争优势,继续战略性地融入可塑造矿业未来的驱动力,特别是利益相关方越来越重视企业在创造价值过程中所涉及的ESG工作和气候变化因素。”

可持续发展与特殊项目执行副总裁帕翠莎·马凯莎 (Patricia Makhesha) 补充说﹕“我们作为艾芬豪大家庭的成员,大家团结互助努力完成公司的使命,这是艾芬豪可持续发展计划中根深蒂固的重要承诺。公司一直秉持关怀他人的文化,在运营时以主要利益相关方的最大利益为本。我们的文化是 “ubuntu”之一。南部非洲的“ubuntu”概念,意思是“我的存在是因为您的存在”,概括了人性一体化的精髓,启发我们思考所做的一切对人类和社会的影响,并进一步反思能否透过与他人分享和关怀身边的人做到真正的自我价值实现。”


卡莫阿铜业紧急应变小组的成员Anita Ngxumza(左)和Mamy Mujinga。

John Rapulana 在杰卡明 (Gécamines) 进行考察期间,在卡莫阿-卡库拉先进的培训中心操作模拟器。作为项目广泛培训计划的一部分,学员通过实践经验及利用电脑模拟器来学习操作自动采矿设备。


制砖工Kajimana Muluba和Kazadi Mujinga在卡莫阿-卡库拉的Tujenge社区制砖厂。项目为当地社区提供参与矿山供应链的机会。

卡莫阿-卡库拉可持续民生计划的社区受益者Ngoy Wanruluernest在Kamisange采摘甘蓝。


基普什 (Kipushi) 项目高级经济发展经理 Nathalie Kikaba 与社区居民在 Kaponda 的太阳能水井取水。

Kaponda 村 Mwinkeu 小学的学生 Placide Mukumbi Kaulo 和 Jacquie Banza Wa Ilunga;该小学是卡莫阿民生计划的另一社区举措。


Kaponda 社区居民 Kona Mumongo Grace 接收橘子树苗,是卡莫阿多种高价值作物之一。


艾芬豪矿业是一家加拿大的矿业公司,正在推进旗下位于南部非洲的三大主要项目:位于刚果民主共和国的卡莫阿-卡库拉铜矿和位于南非的普拉特瑞夫 (Platreef) 钯-铑-铂-镍-铜-金矿的大型机械化地下矿山开发工程;以及同样位于刚果民主共和国、久负盛名的基普什 (Kipushi) 锌-铜-锗-银矿的大型重建和改善工程。

卡莫阿-卡库拉是世界上增长最快的大型铜矿。卡莫阿-卡库拉于2021年5月实现铜精矿生产,未来将分阶段进行扩建,预计将会成为全球最大规模的铜生产商之一。卡莫阿-卡库拉使用清洁、可再生的水电,并将成为世界上每单位金属温室气体排放量最低的矿山之一。艾芬豪矿业已作出承诺,卡莫阿-卡库拉铜矿将致力实现净零运营温室气体排放 (范围一和二)。同时,艾芬豪正在刚果民主共和国境内、毗邻卡莫阿-卡库拉项目的西部前沿 (Western Foreland) 探矿权内寻找新的铜矿资源。


马修·基维尔 (Matthew Keevil),电话﹕ +1.604.558.1034


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