VANCOUVER, CANADA Ivanhoe Mines (TSX: IVN; OTCQX: IVPAF) announced the results of voting by shareholders for the election of the Board of Directors during the company’s Annual and Special Meeting held earlier today. The nominees listed in the management proxy circular dated May 16, 2019, were elected as directors, as shown in the following table of results.

Director nomineeOutcomeVotes for% forVotes withheld% withheld
Robert M. FriedlandElected779,270,67198.3113,427,4191.69
Yufeng (Miles) SunElected777,134,19398.0415,563,8971.96
Egizio BianchiniElected777,271,79198.0515,426,2991.95
Tadeu CarneiroElected779,261,11398.3013,436,9771.70
Jinghe ChenElected792,281,39099.95416,7000.05
William B. HaydenElected789,205,89699.563,492,1940.44
Livia MahlerElected788,497,20099.474,200,8900.53
Peter G. MeredithElected776,266,37397.9316,431,7172.07
Kgalema P. MotlantheElected781,215,27498.5511,482,8161.45
Guy J. de SelliersElected777,236,65698.0515,461,4341.95

Shareholders also voted 99.93% in favour of passing the ordinary resolution approving the issuance of 153,821,507 Class A shares to CITIC Metal Africa Investments Limited under the terms of a Subscription Agreement dated April 25, 2019 between Ivanhoe and CITIC Metal Africa, a direct subsidiary of CITIC Metal Co., Ltd., whereby CITIC Metal Africa has agreed to invest an additional C$612 million (approximately US$464 million) in Ivanhoe Mines at C$3.98 per share. The CITIC Metal Africa investment has received CITIC Metal’s internal approvals and is expected to close no later than September 7, 2019.

Details of votes on all matters of business considered at the Annual and Special Meeting will be available in the company’s report of voting results on SEDAR (

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