VANCOUVER, CANADA - Ivanhoe Mines (TSX: IVN) announced that each director nominee listed in the Management Proxy Circular dated March 26, 2014, was elected as a Director of the company during the Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders held today in Vancouver.

Director nomineeOutcomeVotes for% forVotes withheld% withheld
Robert M. FriedlandElected295,482,85192.4424,178,3597.56
Ian D. CockerillElected311,467,25897.448,193,9522.56
Charles J. RussellElected317,710,25799.391,950,9530.61
Peter G. MeredithElected311,878,99897.577,782,2122.43
Dr. Markus FaberElected319,497,58999.95163,6210.05
William G. LamarqueElected319,463,39599.94197,8150.06
William B. HaydenElected319,441,25099.93219,9600.07
Oyvind HushovdElected319,470,13499.94191,0760.06
Guy J. de SelliersElected317,730,90299.401,930,3080.60
Dr. Rilwanu LukmanElected317,684,40299.381,976,8080.62

Each director nominee received a greater number of votes “for” than were designated as “withheld”, so no nominee shall be required to submit a resignation in accordance with the company’s majority voting policy, as required by the rules of the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Details of votes on all matters of business considered at the Annual and Special Meeting are available in the company’s report of voting results filed on SEDAR (

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North America: Bob Williamson +1.604.512.4856
South Africa: Jeremy Michaels +


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