• Statement of Values and Responsibilities

    This Corporate Citizenship Statement of Values and Responsibilities reflects the obligations and partnerships that naturally accompany the various permissions that we receive to operate in countries and communities with divergent degrees of economic development. Such permissions commonly are subject to review and renewal, and so must be continually earned.

  • Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

    This Code reflects our commitment to a culture of honesty, integrity, accountability and respect for the communities in which we operate. This Code also outlines the basic principles and policies with which everyone at Ivanhoe is required to comply.

  • Companion Booklet to the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

    This companion booklet to the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics provides general information about anti-bribery laws in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and South Africa. It applies to all directors, officers, employees and designated/authorized spokespersons and our subsidiaries, and also to all consultants, contractors, advisors and other persons involved in business with Ivanhoe and our subsidiaries who, by virtue of such relationships, have access to material non-public information.

  • TSX Website Disclosure

    In accordance with the TSX securities based compensation disclosure rules that became effective April 1, 2018, TSX-listed issuers are required to make available on their websites the current, effective versions of their constating documents and, if adopted, certain corporate policies and corporate governance documents.

  • Confidential Reporting

    To help us maintain our ethical standards, Ivanhoe Mines and its subsidiaries have partnered with EthicsPoint, an independent firm providing confidential and anonymous hotline reporting. The EthicsPoint system offers simple, safe ways for individuals to report concerns or misconduct either by telephone or through the internet. The EthicsPoint hotline for reporting concerns or misconduct also is available to all of our third-party suppliers.

    Place an Anonymous Report:

    Our Commitment:

    Ivanhoe Mines and its subsidiaries guarantee that reports submitted via EthicsPoint are anonymous and confidential. We appreciate your support and concern for the integrity and ethical conduct of our company.

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